Several long-term projects are pursued in order to evaluate QCD corrections for quarkonium production, diffraction, exclusive processes, including resummations and beyond leading twist effects.

The underlying goal, requiring precision physics, is to achieve a precise determination and to build-up novel multi-dimensional observables of the partonic content of nucleons and nuclei (tomography, spin physics, etc.) and their collective dynamics (cold nuclear effects: gluonic saturation, shadowing).

These non-perturbative distributions, starting from 1d to 5d, are (nuclear)

  • Parton Distributions Functions ((n)PDFs) for nucleons and nuclei,
  • Distribution Amplitudes (DAs) for light and heavy mesons,
  • Double Parton Distributions Functions (dPDFs),
  • Unintegrated Gluon Densities (UGDs) and gluonic saturation,
  • Transverse Momentum Dependent partons distributions TMDs.
  • Generalized Parton Distributions (GPDs), and ultimately
  • Generalized Transverse Momentum Dependent partons distributions (GTMDs).


Most of these distributions are also under experimental study at the PHE pole (JLab, ALICE, LHCb). 

As a natural outcome, we also work in the physics cases of future hadron-physics experimental projects (EIC, fixed target experiments, LHeC), again in close connection with the PHE pole. We are naturally involved in the Transverse Group “QCD”.

Pole members working on QCD and hadronic physics are: