Flavour physics entails a broad range of topics, and covers a vast domain in energy. Its main goal is to answer fundamental questions regarding the flavour puzzles (both in the Standard Model and beyond).

For this aim, a vast collection of tools are required to bridge between theory and experiments. We have expertise in effective field theories (in particular SMEFT), in QCD (in particular its non-perturbative aspects, e.g. lattice QCD), proficiency in phenomenology both at low and high energies, as well as in model building to provide viable scenarios of physics beyond the Standard Model.

Our activities are motivated by or directly relevant to the current experimental efforts (e.g. in B-physics) at LHC (LHCb, Atlas and CMS), Belle II, as well as to those studied in other flavour physics experiments such as NA62, KOTO, BESIII and numerous current and future neutrino experiments of which the most significant one is DUNE.

We are naturally involved in the Transverse Group “Flavours: Quarks & leptons”.

Pole members working on Flavour physics: